Our certified experts listen to your business needs and design solutions for your business, setting you apart from your competitors in the market. The hospitality industry faces challenges every day, which is why it is OUR job to implement a solution that helps your business become more seamless and more profitable. We are present in several different markets, such as restaurants, pubs, night clubs, hotels, cafes and coffee shops, casinos, cafeteria (institutions), and much more.

Givex POS

Givex POS – Your end to end hospitality management solution.

By working closely with industry-leading chains, we’ve developed a hospitality business management solution designed to streamline your operations. As new modules are enabled, our unified menu database manages everything from cook times on the KDS.
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty
  • Ordering Kiosk
  • Online Ordering
  • 24/7/365 Free Client Support
Givex POS Ofner


Squirrel leading-edge technology specifically for the Hospitality Industry for over 29 years.
  • Squirrel Version 8.0 has an easy to use, functional Graphical Interface design with human factors engineering in mind
  • Work Station "Thin Line" – the fastest terminal designed for harsh environments
  • PCI Compliant wireless Pay at the Table credit card and debit solutions
Givex POS Hospitality

Par Pixel Point

From small independent to coast-to-coast, expect more.

Whether you're operating a fine restaurant or a quick-service chain, expect to perform better with PixelPoint POS software. Enhance your performance and bottom line with a host of industry-leading capabilities.
  • Empower your people to delivery
  • Outstanding service
  • Right out of the box
  • Fully customized menu screens
  • Table Layouts
  • Screen Flows
POS technology reporting

Main Features

  • Inventory Management
  • Labour and Scheduling
  • CRM Loyalty and Gift Cards
  • Kitchen Automation
  • Mobile Solutions
  • Cloud-Based Reporting
  • Enterprise Solutions
  • Integrated Credit and Debit
And more……
POS with kiosk